Underground Utility Tracing

Process of identiying and labelling utility mains which are underground, including natural gas, fiber optics, storm drains, water mains, cable television and wastewater pipes.

Utility Tracing:

Generally in conjunction with a Topographical Survey we provide details of underground services using a combination of Cable Avoidance Tools (CAT) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). The position of cables/pipes etc. are marked on the ground then surveyed using either GPS or Total Stations for inclusion with the topographical survey.

GPR (Ground Penentrating Radar) - The radar can either be pushed or towed across the ground, depending on conditions of the surface it can automatically detect depth information including pipes and geophysical features.

CAT & Genny - Three modes Power, Radio & Genny

Power Mode - the CAT picks up signals given off by live cables

Radio Mode - Radio mode locates metallic cables/pipes using signals flowing through the ground until hitting metallic services, which can be detected by the locator.

Genny Mode - this is used to apply a distinctive signal that the CAT can detect, this is particularly useful when trying to detect pipes that don't emit any signals or are untraceable through Power and Radio mode.
Example Utility Trace Survey