Measured Building

Leica Disto D8

Viliv S7
Leica Builder

the accurate measurement and production of plans, sections, elevations and visualisations of a building.

Floor Plans:

At First Point Surveys we use the latest in data collection and measuring techniques to produce Measured Building Surveys to the highest accuracy in the shortest reasonable time. All measuring equipment is Bluetooth enabled meaning that as each measure is taken (using either a Leica Disto D8 or Leica total station), it is automatically uploaded onto handheld PC's. This enables us to 'draw-up' floor plans on-site and to calculate/correct any misclosures as they occur. Gross errors are found and corrected before leaving site.

Building Floor Plans: Standard Specification - click here >
Building Roof Plans: Standard Specification - click here >
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Elevations are usually specified by architects for use in structural designs as well as local planning departments for submission with planning applications. English Heritage (EH) normally require building elevations, floor plans and a photographic survey to record the condition of a listed building prior to allowing any works to commence. Internal elevations are often specified by EH to record listed features. Our elevations are produced using a combination of total station, laser scanner & photogrammetry. The photogrammetry techniques we employ produce millimetre accurate results and enable us to add further information at the clients request without revisiting site.

Building Elevations: Standard Specification - click here >

Cross Sections:

Once floor plans have been produced throughout a building and we have measured some basic external details we can produce cross-sections. These are useful in space planning and height control and are simple to produce during the later stages of a measured building survey.

Building Cross Sections: Standard Specification - click here >

Measured Building Survey examples...