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A survey to determine the configuration, relief or elevation of a portion of the earth's surface, including the location of natural and/or man-made features thereon.

In most cases (and it should be in all cases) a land survey (or topographical survey as they are also known) is the first stage of a construction project. Having an accurate topographical survey gives your ideas the very best start; your architect will be able to create a precise design, you'll give yourself the best chance of success with the planning department, your engineers can easily make calculations and the survey control required for eventual setting-out is established right from the start which greatly reduces the chance of errors and simplifies any additional measurements.

We use Leica's latest Robotic Total Stations enabling us to provide the highest levels of accuracy & speed whilst maintaining a reasonable level of costs. The only restriction to the amount of detail shown is how much the client wishes to incorporate into the Survey. A Topographical Survey will show all natural and manmade features including manholes & services both underground and overhead as well as contours. Please talk to us regarding your individual specifications & requirements or click on the link at the bottom of this page for our standard specification.

Our surveys are almost always tied into the Ordnance Survey (OS) grid and level datum using GPS. This not only allows us to re-establish any destroyed control stations but since the OS hasn't checked its benchmarks (OSBM's) for many years they've decided they should no longer be used for such things as flood risk assessments. The environment agency will no longer accept any level data based on OSBM's making GPS control a necessity for planning submission near a floodplain.

For a copy of our Topographical Survey Standard Specification please click here >
What is a Topographical Survey?
A topographical survey is a type of map, a graphic representation of ground features, produced at a variety of scales. They usually include contour lines and spot heights to show changes in level of the land surface

Topographic maps show a detailed image of the Earth's surface: roads, rivers, buildings, vegetation and the relief, including natural features and man-made objects.

The type and amount of detail included in a topographic survey is tailored to each client's individual requirements, usually through a detailed specification.