Boundary Determination

Title deeds are the most important documents concerning boundary determinations and should not be confused with Land Registry plans.

Boundary Determination/Dispute

Although potentially simple to resolve, boundaries cause more problems between neighbours than any other matter. Disputes can end up in court simply due to a misunderstanding of the issues involved. We aim to avoid this whenever possible and look to mediate between neighbours to find a resolution.

Firstly we need to establish if the original deed plans are still in existence. These are usually held by the mortgage company but many have been destroyed, if this is the case we have to look back through all available means to try and establish the boundaries original position i.e. old photos, maps and general documents. After this is established we use normal survey methods to re-establish the boundary hopefully with the agreement of both parties. Rarely is a boundary case this simple but we live in hope.

For further information please follow this link to the Ordnance Survey website for a joint statement by Ordnance Survey and the Land Registry.
Land Registry Plan